Monday, October 12, 2009

Who's money?

So according to these two women, the money they are hoping to get comes from President Barack Obama.
Well, not exactly.
The funds were appropriated from the General Fund in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 — passed by Congress and signed into law in February.
The cost of the "stimulus" bill will be added to our national debt, to be repaid by taxpayers.
So, the money will not come from the President's "stash" but from each and every American's paycheck.

Lauren Ricks
Associate Editor


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  2. I am not sure you understand where the money from the government comes from. It has ALWAYS come from every American's paycheck. The road you came to work on, from your paycheck. The war you probably support, from your paycheck. The medicare that someone you probably know uses, from your paycheck.
    The cost of EVERY bill that goes through Washington comes from our paychecks.
    Let's not make the stimulus bill seem to be something unusual. There have been stimulus bills passed in past administrations, Republican and Democrat. And guess what Lauren, that debt you said will be repaid by taxpayers... we've always been paying back debt.
    Please don't use this bill as a reason to bash the President. Because history proves that essentially, every President has put us into more debt.

  3. True and true again, They use our money, those of us who work that is, for everything..

  4. Mr. Smith,
    I was not bashing President Obama. I was bashing the people who assumed the stimulus money came from his "stash." I believe that the point is clearly made in the original post.
    I know "stimulus" packages have been passed under president's of both parties, and I have opposed them all. I don't believe in the ability of the government to stimulate anything but itself. The only difference now is this President believes that government is the only answer and is dragging us further into debt than ever before with no sign of stopping. If you don't think this spending is out of control, you might want to look at what has happened to the value of the dollar. Inflation will be our next problem.
    But again, the post was not about this subject you have commented on. It is about the dangerous attitude of these specific individuals heard in the sound bites.

  5. Do you really call yourself "associate editor" and still not know the difference between "who's" and "whose"? If third-grade grammar is beyond you, why would anyone lend any weight to opinions you have on complicated issues?

  6. Steven,
    As far as I can tell, I only use the word "who" once — in my reply to Mr Smith's comments. The word was used properly.
    I generally have a good grasp on the rules of grammer, but I do make mistakes — especially in a blog which is written on the fly.
    You can choose to lend whatever weight to my words as you like, that is not my point. I do not try to make anyone see things my way. I just comment on very complicated issues that I feel need to be addressed.
    You may do with it what you like. It's called freedom of speech.