Friday, October 9, 2009

What a shocker

President Barack Obama and former President Jimmy Carter have even more in common now that the former is also a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.
All I want to know is what has he done to promote peace? Iran is on the verge of gaining a nuclear weapon, with little resistance from the U.S. China, Venezuela and Russia are all rattling their sabers. To top it off, the Obama administration are considering allowing the Taliban to be active in Afghanistan's government.
It seems to me the administration's tactics are making peace a distant dream.
Did all these problems just appear in January? Of course not, but the actions of this administration has encouraged those who want to do us harm.
The Nobel Prize is nothing more than far-left liberals patting each other on the back. Why else would the President be nominated a full two weeks into his first term?
So congratulations on your many accomplishments President Obama. I just hope America can survive your tenure.
Lauren Ricks
Associate Editor

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