Monday, May 4, 2009

Thank God (literally)

The "Most Eloquent" White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs announced today there would be no bailout for the newspaper industry.
After what has happened to the automobile and banking industries, I am thankful this totalitarian administration is not considering taking over my bread and butter. I could not be part of an industry that does not have independence of thought and the freedom to express opposing views.
The last thing America needs now is for it to go the way of Pravda.
America was founded on the desire for freedom of speech, thought and action. On the ability to choose our own destiny. We are losing bits and pieces of this everyday thanks to a heavy dose of apathy. I pray someday soon the citizenry will wake up and see the destruction all around us, before it is too late.
To some, this may sound much like the rantings of an alarmist. Though I respect others opinions, I would disagree with this conclusion. I am a realist and the things I see going on everyday is disturbing.
A recent example is a charge from a leading bankruptcy attorney Thomas Lauria, who alleges the administration threatened an investment bank with public ruination for not agreeing to the Chrysler deal. According to Lauria, Steve Rattner, the leader of the Obama administration's Auto Industry Task Force told Perella Weinberg Partners the White House would use the press corps to destroy its reputation.
For the sake of posterity, both the administration and the bank have denied the charge.
Considering the "deal" the bank received compared to the Christmas present the UAW got, I would bet something was said behind closed doors. We will wait and see.
As a member of the press, albeit not in the same position of one in the press corp, I an indignant if the White House thought they could "use" a journalist to do their bidding. The profession is not meant to be the attack dog of ANY administration. It is meant to be a unbiased source of factual information.
Unfortunately, I don't believe many of the more powerful newspapers have risen to this standard, which is why they are failing. The best way for the industry to get back on its feet is to have integrity.
— Lauren Ricks, Staff Writer

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  1. I really wish more news reporters were like you, Lauren. I might actually trust the news I read and hear more if they were.