Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Deja Vu

Our dear leader and his underlings are now saying the "fundamentals of our economy is sound." Does this sound at all familiar to anyone???
The Republican's ridiculous and weak candidate in the general election, John McCain, was ruthlessly hammered for saying the "fundamentals of our economy are strong."
After finally being called out for hypocrisy, the administration is saying it is a vastly different statement due to "sound" and "strong."
This is a good teaching moment for Americans. The administration is obviously splitting hairs to save face. The argument is absurd when looking at the statements and arguments at face value. The economy is in much worse shape now than it was last September, yet the administration thinks NOW the world is full of flowers and sunshine.
I happen to honestly believe we are in fact in a position to recover from the recession, if we change course. If the government continues to hand out money like candy, without concern for where it is coming from, the economy will be driven further down. But if we see the error of our ways and buckle down, we can come out stronger. As we have before.
All is not hopeless however. If the Obama administration stubbornly continues on this path to economic destruction, it will be painful but not permanent. The American spirit has survived one such leader in Franklin Delano Roosevelt and we will survive this one.
I have no doubt whatever the obstacle, whatever the price, we will thrive. That is the American way.
— Lauren Ricks, Staff Writer

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